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Row Shut-Off For CASE/IH Cyclo Planters

Slectro shut-off swith panel Slectro shut-off swith panel

If you have a CASE/IH Cyclo® Planter the Slectro Row Shut-Off is the device you have been looking for. In no-till operations, you can plant without overlapping point rows. You can also plant turn rows in the middle of the field without double planting. It's a simple, field tested device which reduces or eliminates yield losses due to plant overpopulation and saves money on wasted seed, too.
Information needed to get a quote; Series of planter, number of rows and hitch/toolbar configuration.


The New Version Handle Clamp from Slectro Company

Handle Clamp can be adjusted for tool size, range from 3/4 inch to 2 1/4 inch.

Jaw pressure various with size of tool, with jaw set for 3/4 inch tool there is 88 pounds of jaw pressure, with jaw set for 2 1/4 inch tool there is 53 pounds of jaw pressure.

Row Shut-Off For CASE/IH Planters

For Case/IH 800, 900, 950 and 955 Series
GPS compatible

Row Shut-Off For CASE/IH Planters

Eight row kit with relay module to retrieve signal from a guidance system with section control.

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Handle Clamp

The Handle Clamp from Slectro Company

This tool holding device makes a great grease gun holder or broom hanger. Hold a broom securely where you need it. Need a shovel holder or a hammer hanger? The Handle Clamp tool holding device is the solution.


Pail Tender Site Cart

The Pail Tender Bench Stand, Wall Mount, and Site Cart make handling those heavy pails a breeze!

Pail Tender Bench Stand Pail Tender Wall Mount
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