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Row Shut-Off For CASE/IH Cyclo Planters

Slectro shut-off swith panel Slectro shut-off swith panel

If you have a CASE/IH Cyclo® Planter the Slectro Row Shut-Off is the device you have been looking for. In no-till operations, you can plant without overlapping point rows. You can also plant turn rows in the middle of the field without double planting. It's a simple, field tested device which reduces or eliminates yield losses due to plant overpopulation and saves money on wasted seed, too.


The Handle Clamp from Slectro Company

This tool holding device makes a great grease gun holder or broom hanger. Hold a broom securely where you need it. Need a shovel holder or a hammer hanger? The Handle Clamp tool holding device is the solution.


Pail Tender Site Cart

The Pail Tender Bench Stand, Wall Mount, and Site Cart make handling those heavy pails a breeze!

Pail Tender Bench Stand Pail Tender Wall Mount
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