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Relay Module for GPS

Relay module for solenoid activated shutoffs

Four section relay module
  1. Relay module (circuit breaker for each section)
  2. Power Cord - connect to battery
  3. Cable and connector - plug into planter harness
  4. Signal Cable: Five conductor (18 ga) pigtail (4 ft.) - affix proper plug to accommodate guidance controller.
Relays can adapt to sprayer logic or planter logic.
Two modules are used when 6 or 8 sections are needed.
Module dimensions are 7.6" x 4.3" x 2.3"

Relay pin setting

relay pins
85 - guidance system ground
86 - guidance system signal
30 - shutoff unit power from battery
87 - power to planter unit - planter logic
87a - power to planter unit - sprayer logic
Signal Cable Color Code
Black Ground or Power
Red Wire Section 1
White Section 2
Green Section 3
Brown Section 4
Note: To affix proper plug to Signal Cable 'D' is additional charge
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