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Relay Module for GPS

Relay module for solenoid activated shutoffs

Four section relay module
  1. Relay module (circuit breaker for each section)
  2. Power Cord - connect to battery
  3. Cable and connector - plug into planter harness
  4. Signal Cable: Five conductor (18 ga) pigtail (4 ft.) - affix proper plug to accommodate guidance controller.
Relays can adapt to sprayer logic or planter logic.
Two modules are used when 6 or 8 sections are needed.
Module dimensions are 7.6" x 4.3" x 2.3"

Relay pin setting

relay pins
85 - guidance system ground
86 - guidance system signal
30 - shutoff unit power from battery
87 - power to planter unit - planter logic
87a - power to planter unit - sprayer logic
Signal Cable Color Code
Black Ground or Power
Red Wire Section 1
White Section 2
Green Section 3
Brown Section 4
Note: To affix proper plug to Signal Cable 'D' is additional charge

System Check - GPS

Relay Module Signal Retrieving Cable
Standard 6 pin WeatherPak connector

WeatherPak Connector

Systems with the standard 6 pin WeatherPak connector on the Signal Retrieving Cable of Relay Module can test the Slectro portion of the shutoff via these steps:

1) Relay module connected to 12V battery, tractor hooked to planter.

2) Find WeatherPak connector of signal retrieving cable of relay module (May have two).

3) Supply 12V DC power to pins A and B to activate section 1.

4) Supply 12V DC power to pins A and C to activate section 2.

5) Supply 12V DC power to pins A and D to activate section 3.

6) Supply 12V DC power to pins A and E to activate section 4.

If all sections respond then Slectro equipment is working properly.

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