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Row Shut-Off For CASE/IH Cyclo Planters

Slectro shut-off swith panel
"I contour farm terraces. The row shut-off allows me to stop planting the rows as I enter point rows. It works wonders by saving seed and preventing overpopulation of crop. I've had no problems with the attachment - how can something so simple work so slick?"
. . . . . Kenneth Hoppner
Washta, Iowa
sut off
US Patented

The unit consists of a secondary set of release wheels, switchbox (12 volt DC), and wire harness. The secondary release wheels (shut off wheels) are applied by solenoids controlled by the switchbox. The shut off wheels release the seed from the seed drum seed holes before the seed reaches the row manifold. Electrical power is used only when rows are shut off.

A seed drum can supply seed for up to 8 rows. 4,6 and 8 row planters have one drum. 12 and 16 row planters have 2 drums. 24 row planters have 3 drums.

The unit is field tested, prevents seed loss and overpopulation, and easy to install.

The SLECTRO row shut off fits CYCLO AIR planters up to 24 rows with options to stop 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 rows per switch.

The SLECTRO shut-off is a device I had been looking for. In my no-till operation, I can plant without overlapping point rows. I can also plant turn rows in the middle of the field without double planting. It's a simple device and works great."
Harmon Monk
Ashkurn, Illinois

Four section relay module
for GPS guidance system
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